IACHES Mission Statement

The Indiana Association of County Highway Engineers and Supervisors (IACHES) is comprised of Regular, Affiliate, Associate and Honorary members. Within this established set of members, an Executive Board consisting of Officers, District Directors Committees become the functioning body of IACHES.

Our purpose is quite simple and clear. Our Association’s purpose shall be to promote the efficient construction, maintenance and administration of public projects at the County level. This is primarily accomplished by facilitating cooperation and communication between County Highway Departments, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Contractors, Consultants and Vendors.

We exist as a unified voice of and for our members. This allows our voice to be effectively heard within the state legislature. We exist to serve our association for the advancement of our profession. We exist to help others within our association and the public, with our combined knowledge, actions and experience. This allows us to maximize our efforts in serving the public through the execution of our duties. IACHES is dedicated to effectively serving the public through its members.

< MAP > Map showing counties that have an IACHES member.